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Iușan Vasile Liviu Adrian
informatică - iuşan vasile liviu adrian -

Linux / Unix
Infractructure Architect
System Engineer / DevOps


Linux, Unix

Apache, Nginx, HAproxy, Pacemaker

mySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Galera Cluster, CouchDB, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Hbase

Docker Swarm / Compose, Kubenetes, KVM

GCP, AWS, Hetzner

Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, GitLab

Big Data - Hadoop, Hbase, Solr

Zabbix, Telegraf, InfluxDB, Grafana, Prometheus

Atlassian Jira / Confluence

Linux Infrastructure Architect
Am-Sys, Hamburg, Germany

  • I have designed and implement:

  • Zabbix monitoring system, with directly alerts into Slack on dedicated channel, to discover the problems inside infrastructure of servers and fix them.

  • Setup CouchDB Cluster in proper way according with it's official documentation.

  • CouchDB Clouseau Plugin, based on Lucent library, for build Search Engine against CouchDB database. The result of this implementation was reduce the time of searching from 30 -50 seconds to few milliseconds.

  • Docker Compose Containers Orchestration which has result faster time into deployment process for both Development and Production environments.

  • Build specific Docker Image for CouchDB with Clouseau Search Engine Plugin based on Ubuntu Server OS. The image is able to run on ARM / Intel and AMD CPU architecture for Linux / Mac and Windows OS.

  • Automatic daily backup system for CouchDB both replication and json. NextCloud data and it's database. All data of web applications and it's databases. Success notification and failure alerts in Slack on dedicated channel for it.

  • For high Security I have propose to use physical servers, instead VPS, and use KVM virtualization, instead Docker Containers, with Terraform and Ansible for infrastructure provisioning and automation and Firewall-Routing-NAT in front of entire virtualized infrasrtucture.

  • Linux DevOps
    LionsHome, Berlin, Germany

  • As online platform / portal with presence in 10 countries for Home & Living, they requested a complete new and modern infrastructure.

  • Designe new architecture of whole infrastructure with physical servers in Hetzner Datacenter.

  • Complete automation deployment and servers scaling via Ansible.

  • Implementing OPNSense Firewall, VPN Tunneling and OpenVpn Cloud as backup solution.

  • Zabbix implementation at servers resources and applications level.

  • Authoring the documentation with logical schema and description of processes.

    Linux IT Specialist For Systems Integration
    Smart Steel Technologies, Berlin, Germany

  • As Smart Steel Technologies product servers are inside of large IT infrastructure of
    ArcelorMittal Bremen and ArcelorMittal Eisenhuttenstadt power plants,
    I have designed and implement LDAP integration between them.

  • I designed a solution for Linux home folders for centralized users to avoid having different data on different servers ( NFS - Network File System ).

  • I designed a solution for monitoring the state of operation of physical servers ( with Zabbix )
    and monitoring the Docker Containers environment for applications ( with Telegraph, InfluxDB, Grafana ).

  • Linux System Engineer - Administrator
    Gamigo Group, Berlin, Germany

  • Migrating 2 Atlassian Jira ( 1Tb database ) into one without affect employee work.

  • Perform migrations and build servers infrastructure in AWS and GCP cloud platforms.

  • Build and maintain CI/CD pipelines automation in Jenkins.

  • Install and maintain services: Dns, Apache, Nginx, mySQL, Cdn, Git, Zabbix and more.

  • Developing solutions to automate repetitive tasks in Bash scripting language.

  • Maintaining security of Linux operating systems in the servers infrastructure.

  • 7/24/365, night shift and on-call rotation in extremely busy environment.

  • Linux Software - System Architect
    Brasov, Romania

    Real Time Sales Management System for Car Parts Company

  • Designing and programming a web based application according to company typology of work.

  • MariaDB, Apache, Exim4, Html, Php/Mysqli, Css, JavaScript.

  • Bar code products tracking.

  • Automatic invoice generation.

  • Real time inventory.

  • Web interface for users.

  • Automatically sending reports to the accounting department and customers.

  • Sending SMS messages to customers about order delivery.
  • Built a 5 custom Linux servers cluster:
    Firewall router: iptables, openvpn.
    Application server: Apache, Email, Database backup, Sms Gateway, haProxy.
    Three mariaDB servers in Galera Cluster.

    Linux Solution Architect
    Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    Web Crawling And Web Search Engine – personal project

  • 10 Linux custom cluster on Hadoop File System.

  • Apache Nutch as crawler.

  • Hbase as backend database.

  • Solr as Search Engine.

  • CEO at networkX – Radio Internet Service Provider
    Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    I designed and built entire 2.4GHz Radio Internet Service Provider infrastructure for 400 subscribers,
    dedicated to areas unable to access optic fiber or TV cable connections.

    Used equipment:
    20 custom custom build, from old desktops, equipments for Internet Services and Radio Access Points Routers based on Slackware Linux.

    Installation And Maintenance Of Internet-Caffe's
    Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    During that period I designed and installed around 60 networks for internet-caffe business.
    Due to low internet speeds, at that time, I have deployed Linux Custom servers and routers with satellite access,
    based on DVB Pentamedia card for download and dedicated phone lines for upload.

    Personal Development

    After school I have continued my individual studies in:

  • Information and Technology
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Physics

  • and Visual Arts such as:

  • Sculpture
  • Painting
  • Jewel
  • Music
  • Film
  • Photography
  • Industrial Design